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Flexible Ventilation Ducting

TCT Ducting

Flexible Force Ventilation Ducting

Flexible Force Ventilation Ducting can be supplied in lengths from 5 to 20 meters and diameters from 400 to 1400 millimeters. Products can be provided in fire resistant and fire resistant anti-static (FRAS) PVC.

Reinforced Flexible Ducting (Spiral)

Reinforced Flexible Ducting can be provided in lengths from 5 to 10 meters and diameters from 400 to 1220 millimeters. 4,7 millimeter springsteel wire is used.

Ducting Joining Methods

Joining methods include Double Ring & Toggle, Ring Ring, Double Ring-Ratchet, Insert Joint and Lever Clamp.

TCT Ducting

Ducting Suspension Methods

Suspension methods include Longitudinal, Semi Longitudinal and Clip (Spiral).

Pitch-Reinforced Spiral

Pitch can be supplied from 50 to 200 millimeters.


Ducting Overview


TCT Ducting

TCT Ducting products are 100% South African manufactured. They are manufactured to SANS 1287 specifications and better. We have been supplying ducting products, both force and spiral, to the mining industry both locally and throughout Africa since 2003.


We have developed and patented two joining methods. Our methods are easy to use, strong, allow little or no air to escape and are cost effective.

We have also developed a mechanism of welding the end of our ducts as opposed to the current practice in South Africa of sewing them.

Changing to TCT Ducting

Let us help you with the design of your ducting system to ensure optimum air control. We can assist with flanges attached to fans through to the end ducts, reinforced reducers, T-Pieces, Y-Pieces, etc. - whatever is required underground. If your current supplier's joining system is different to ours, we will supply the necessary adaptor(s) to ensure compatibility.

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