Ducting Overview

TCT Ducting products are 100% South African Manufactured. They are manufactured to SANS 1287 specifications and better. We have been supplying ducting products, both force and spiral, to the mining industry both locally and throughout Africa since 2003. Until May 2008 we supplied through a third party to Black Mountain, Anvil Mining DRC, Harmony, New Kleinfontein, Mali (Randgold), Rosh Pinah, Sasol and others. From the latter part of 2008 we have started to supply direct to our “old customers”. Over time we expect to cover all the larger mines in Southern Africa.

Mines that require very strong ducts should try our FRAS 700. We have compared these ducts to other heavyweights in the industry, including weft inserted products, and are very pleased with the results.


We have developed and patented two joining methods. Furthermore we have developed a method that is currently in the testing phase. Our methods are easy to use, strong, allow little or no air to escape and are cost effective.

We have also developed a mechanism of welding the end of our ducts as opposed to the current practice of sewing them. To our knowledge this is a first in South Africa and may be unique worldwide. The benefit of this is that less air is able to escape from the ducts.

Note that the SANS 1287 spec calls for a case II force duct to withstand pressure of 5.0kpa. We joined 2 ducts by the standard ring and toggle system and compared the pressure that we could obtain after the one set of ducts was closed by the normal sewing method and the other by hi-frequency welding.

The result was that we were not able to get more than 1.5kpa into the sewn-ducts whereas the welded ducts we were able to get above15kpa into the system. Our test shows that approx 10 times more air will escape through sewn ducts compared to welded ducts. The test conclusively proves that the weld will withstand in excess of 3 times the required pressure.

While we doubt that any other local supplier has the ability to test the air pressures properly, we are not aware of any local supplier who can weld the ends of their ducting. We look forward to demonstrating tests if you so request.

Changing to TCT Ducting

Let us help you with the design of your ducting system to ensure optimum air control. We can assist with flanges attached to fans through to the end ducts, reinforced reducers, T-Pieces, Y-Pieces, etc. – whatever is required at the shaft. If your current supplier’s joining system is different to ours, we will supply the necessary adaptor(s) to ensure compatibility.